October 31, 2017| Our Impact|2 Minutes

#SteelFlyoverBeda Campaign

In October 2016, on a typical Bengaluru Sunday morning, thousands of ordinary citizens poured onto the streets to form a human chain. They were protesting a government project to build a steel flyover from Chalukya Circle to Hebbal Junction.

They called it the #SteelFlyoverBeda campaign – “Say No to the Steel Flyover.”

Government's project video

10,000 people showed up to form a human chain in solidarity for the campaign. Over the years, Bengaluru’s rapid urbanisation, has created a crisis of planning in the metro city. Bridges, roads, buildings and other infrastructure projects are sanctioned almost at random, in complete violation of the city’s masterplan. This illegal sanctioning of projects is wrecking havoc on Bengaluru’s already strained eco-system.

Bengaluru’s is already one of India’s most polluted city, frequently featuring in the top 5 cities in India with the worst air quality. The further cutting of trees is expected to only make the city even more unliveable, contributing to higher temperatures, and poorer air quality.