5 Hours a Week

Rich Datasets

Across 3 Cities

What is UNITE?

UNITE are one-day recruitment events designed to hire the best volunteers to manage a city’s operations.

At a UNITE event, you will be given an introduction to Talking Earth and our platforms. We’ll introduce you to our objectives as an organization and our activities thus far. You will also learn about available roles and expected commitment from our volunteers. Expect to be challenged and have lots of fun!

Why Volunteer with Talking Earth?

Talking Earth is one of the only impact multiplier organizations in India. We collect rich data sets across cities to help people strengthen their communities against the effects of Climate Change.

When you volunteer with Talking Earth, you get the opportunity to work with multiple sets of data that will be used to impact thousands of lives positively.

What is field mapping?

At UNITE, you will be introduced to the idea of field mapping and how data collected from field mapping is used in various scenarios to help communities. Field mapping is the collection of on-ground data with the aid of tools and computers, to be represented digitally on a map.

Volunteer Registration Form

Someone will call you to inform you of the venue, time and other details of the UNITE event in your city.

Volunteer Registration
We use this data to map our volunteers across India in times of crisis and disaster management